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Absurdities for the crowd.  Ridiculous drawing REQUESTS, ridiculous RESPONSES.


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Thanks for all the fun!

To all participants of this site, thanks for the wacky ideas. This was a way for me to stay sane while being housebound with injuries for two years. You made the time fly by! 

You will see mentioned a video/question website (VYou.com) which is no longer active. People asked and answered questions via video. A large percentage of drawing requests came from VYOU, so any links to it won’t work. — I liked to cross-promote participants (askers) when sharing my answer to their questions, so their usernames were incorporated into my drawings, as well as were linked on my posts to their VYOU profiles.

*Warning* Peruse at your own risk. Admin will not be held accountable for loss of bodily fluids— best to save that glass of milk for later.

I love you, Mr. Sendak! Thank you for INSPIRING me! R.I.P.

Above video: Sendak on Death (and Life)



that be my name guyyysss c:

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Nominate them please! They’s good PEEPS!



We here at EatSleepDraw receive over 1000 submissions a week and what most people don’t know is that we spend time looking at each and every piece of art.

EatSleepDraw is made possible by the most creative people on Tumblr and we would be honored if you considered nominating us for Microblog of the year on Tumblr in this years Shorty Awards.

Thank you not only for your consideration, but for allowing us the privilege to view the art you create everyday.

You can nominate here.

- Lee
Cofounder of EatSleepDraw

Just a friendly reminder, there are 3 days left to nominate. Please and thank you. 

I waaant it. So many drawings I could be doing for you, my friends. So what if it’s comedically BIG, I’m comedically SMALL. Besides, my Huzzzzz is 6’4, while I’m 4’11, so it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

I told you I have amazingly creative friends! Go Amy Arena! So PROUD of your work! Buy her album now! Watch the fun animation…

Please do, Divya.


Inspires me to pick up a pencil again…. love it. 

*psst* Lynda Barry has some inspired creative information for you. Check out what she has to say. I’m gonna try it. [Update Feb 12th: I will publish my efforts when I publish the new site for whatshallidraw.]

She inspires me. Ook. -Rebecca, WSID

Be good little monkeys and follow her blog! —


Dear my great ” What It Is” class,

RE: Stories read out loud tonight: GOOOOOD!!!

Your homework:

Four Minute Diary every day (click here for video)


Seven and a Half Minutes Worth of Writing (click video above)


First write ten nouns on ten little pieces of paper

Number a page from one to ten

Relax your whole body from top to bottom and say the alphabet to yourself or something else you have memorized and think back to early days in your life

turn over one of the pieces of paper and that’s your word.

Write down the first ten memories that come to you from that word

Read the list over

Circle one that seems vivid or has trouble in it and write it on a clean sheet of paper like it was a title to a story and then draw a big X on the page.

Then start the video.

Remember to skip a line as you go so your page is double spaced -that’s important- and if you get stuck to use the alphabet. It likes it!


Professor Lynda (who looks forward to seeing you on Thursday)

PS: Even if you are not in our class these assignments are good to try just for fun.

P.P.S. Remember to monkey around

If you’re single and creative, this looks fun! Thanks Lost At E Minor

[Update Friday, Feb 10th, 2012: I just discovered this is a quote from one of my favorite authors, Ursula K. LeGuin.]

I have amazingly creative friends. Thank goodness for those who survived. 

Check out Ms. Divya, herself, Leah Harmony, you’ll thank me. Clicky click the link below.

(via divyacreative)

If you’ve ever wanted to follow the movie-going/critiquing of my cousin, Bruno Blumenfeld, then check out his movie blog. If you can’t find the time to go see a movie these days, he makes it easy for you to feel like you are not just there with him, you ARE him.


I’ve said too much.


The Artist

I’m a little late to The Artist’s party, since it’s already started blazing its path through the thicket of awards that sprouts up in the New Year. I saw it a month ago in Midtown, at the Paris Theater, which I haven’t been to in years. I was excited to go, but found a comedy of…


This is one of my favorite requests I have asked you all to draw for me - a monkey and a robot sharing a meal together.

This was drawn by Frankie. Frankie says, "One good sir enjoying a spiffingly delightful afternoon snack with his fellow companion. A monkey having a meal with a robot!"

Thanks Frankie! It’s funny because I was just thinking about having a picnic today on a magic carpet. #AFFIRMATIVE#

Submit your own!

My artisan group had a silkscreen night earlier this week, and this is what I made. It’s my first screenprint! My web address didn’t come out, but I think it looks great for a first attempt. I am working on getting a store for my website off the ground and figured I would do the usual, you know, prints, postcards, t-shirts, mugs, bags, sketchbooks. If any of y’all have any ideas for items, let me know. 

In the meantime, what shall I draw?

CFN asks: "Can you draw me a sad panda? :D"

I wonder if they’ll release him, so he can come clean my house. It’s a mess. Maybe he’ll make me a sammich, too.

Submit your own drawn response.

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This guerilla animation can only be described as HOLY COOL!

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